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Automatic Rotary Angle Tape Cutting Machine

  • Model:KS-120CHM
  • Blade Type:
  • Max. Width:
  • Net. Weight:28Kg
  • Dimension:

This is a multi-angle hot and cold knife tape cutting machine, the cutter can automatically rotate a certain angle, so it can cut special shapes such as flat quadrilateral or trapezoid, and the rotation angle can be freely set in the program. Cold knife or hot knife can be freely selected in the program, and the application range is very wide.

When you cut tape straightly, the maximum available width of the strap is 90mm, and when using the blade rotatary function, the maximum available width of the tape is about 60mm. Assuming the angle of rotation is α, then the maximum available width is 90*cos(α).

Straight CutKINGSING
Flat QuadrilateralKINGSING
One Side BeveledKINGSING