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Automatic High-speed Tube Cutting Machine

  • Model:KS-P230H
  • Blade Type:
  • Diameter:
  • Net. Weight:200Kg
  • Dimension:

This is an ultra-high-speed hose cutting machine that can produce up to 100,000 pieces per hour. The belt feeding mechanism is driven by a high-precision servo motor, the feeding speed is very fast.

Color touch screen operation interface, PLC control, can be directly connected to the extruder for online cutting, and the speed can be adjusted and synchronized.

This machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of flexible tubes, such as PVC hoses, PE hoses, TPE hoses, PU hoses, silicone hoses, corrugated pipes, heat shrink tubing, etc. The cutting blade adopts the common utility knife on the market, the consumables can be purchased all over the world, and the use cost is low.

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Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.